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NYX Professional Makeup: List of Best Seller Products in Pakistan

Just as we know NYX makeup is quite popular all around the world and to buy Nyx makeup online has become so much easier. Feminine have never ending love for makeup and we know that.

This cosmetic brand has been offering a wide variety of top-notch quality products all around the globe. NYX products have been inspiring women to enhance their beauty in different ways by making new trends with popping colors and bold and strong eyeshades. This brand is based in Los Angeles, California.

The more we know, NYX brand is certified by PETA as a cruelty-free based makeup and this brand also provides vegan-friendly products ever since it came into existence.

Here is a list of best Nyx products available online in Pakistan.

NYX soft matte lip cream

NYX soft matte lip cream gives a burst of creamy colors that dries up quickly and it lasts longer than expectations. It gives your lips a stunning matte finish. The texture is quite lightweight and it is delightfully creamy. It is manufactured with sweetly scented formula.

It covers your lips with highly-pigmented colors that are inspired by the colors of the cities. It doesn’t make your lips dry. It keeps your lips wet and soft with perfect color and super staying power. Buying Nyx makeup online has becomes so convenient, you can get every color of this lip matte online.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner- Black

It looks like a long cylindrical tube but when you hold it feels like a tip pen. The brush of this liner has quite fine bristle which gives you a very perfect and quite thin winged eyeliner look.

This product is perfect if you want those spicy looking eyes which give a strong and bold impression of your personality. It gives you a perfect dark black finishing and it dries up quickly which is a plus point to it.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

This foundation is applied with a dropper and the consistency is thin that is why it feels quite lightweight on your face which is a plus point to it and also it gives you a matte finishing look on your face which works for both oily and dry skin perfectly.

This formula is soft and it blends easily on your face and it doesn’t make your face look cakey at all. This product has no scent to it and it doesn’t make creases on your face too.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

The texture of this product is super smooth and quite soft which blends perfectly into your eyebrows without giving you the look of ‘makeup look’. Both these colors have a perfect and suitable color for eyebrows which works best on every skin tone. This product has a super staying power and it is highly pigmented.

NYX Can’t stop- Won’t stop Concealer

Just by reading its name you can already feel the good vibes. This product gives you a perfect coverage and it doesn’t make your eyes look cakey at all. This concealer doesn’t make creases.

The eye-shadows applied after applying this concealer doesn’t make your eyes look oily at all nor it makes your eyes look dry. It gives a perfect smooth finishing to your eyeshades and you can also apply this concealer on your face, particularly at those areas which are dark and it gives your foundation a perfect look

Best NYX Products at Cozmetica

NYX products are very famous for their extreme good quality products. This brands aims to provide great quality with low prices which makes it affordable for all the people who are on budget too and they upgraded their business to online shopping which means buying Nyx makeup online works too!