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How to use The Ordinary Products: Guide for Beginners

The Ordinary is a well-known skincare brand from Canada. There are at least 29 different oils, serums, and acids for skin in the Ordinary Pakistan products line. Without a doubt, the Ordinary brand is one of the highest-quality skincare brands. A scientific approach is applied for the manufacture of goods that undergo study in the specialization of one ingredient's advantages on the skin. 

Ordinary items are inexpensive because they are manufactured using active substances. Active ingredients are those that do not include any additional components. Second, they utilize little labeling and do not spend a lot of money on marketing and branding as they use typical product branding that is quite plain and modest. 

Tips to Use the Ordinary

When purchasing new products from The Ordinary, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- If you've never used an ingredient before, start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount as your skin adjusts.

- Always test items on a small area of your skin before slathering them all over your face! You can generally apply a drop on your inner wrist/arm and leave it overnight to see how your skin reacts.

- If The Ordinary says two products shouldn't be stacked, pay attention.

- If a product irritates you, stop using it right away!

- Before applying a product, make sure your skin is clean.

- You can use Vaseline on your lips and under your eyes before using more strong products (like acid peels) because the skin is thinner here, and you can burn from the acid.

The Ordinary Acid Products

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

The peeling solution removes the top layer of skin to exfoliate for a smoother texture and brighter complexion, making this one of the Ordinary's most popular products. The exfoliating component of the solution is the AHA, while the BHA assists in clearing up any clogged pores. This peel is much stronger than most commercially available peels, with 30% AHA. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably avoid this, and even if you have skin that can tolerate it, you should still be cautious. For this product, a patch test is necessary.

How to Use the Ordinary Peeling Solution?

On damp skin, avoid using the ordinary peeling solution. Then, use your fingertips, spread the product evenly around your face and neck, avoiding the eye area, and keep it on for no more than 10 minutes. Finally, thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. During application, avoid the eye contour and contact with the eyes, and rinse thoroughly. Because this product contains acids that may enhance your skin's sensitivity to the sun, and hence the risk of sunburn, the company recommends using it no more than twice a week.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is another exfoliating AHA used to lighten the face, remove pigmentation, and make acne scars less visible. Acids can be irritating to some people's skin. However, this product contains Tasmanian Pepper berry, which helps reduce inflammation and may assist in battling any irritation caused by the acid. Lactic acid keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from feeling dry. Lactic acid, if used daily, can help to reduce the indications of aging. It can help firm your skin by stimulating collagen renewal. Fine lines and wrinkles soften and smooth out as hyperpigmentation (sun spots or age spots) fades.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid How to Use?

Apply the ordinary lactic acid solution to your face immediately, or put some on your fingers and rub it in (avoiding the eye area). To avoid the solution touching your hands and causing the skin to be removed there, you can apply it with gloves or a cotton pad. Before washing away, the solution, it should only be left for a maximum of ten minutes.

After using this product, prevent using any other serums, toners, or products that include vitamin C, retinol, or other acids from The Ordinary. Because this peel removes the top layer of skin, you are more vulnerable to sun damage. Thus it is critical to use sunscreen after using it. Once a week, the peeling solution by Ordinary can be used.

The Ordinary Molecule Products


Niacinamide is especially beneficial for people who have oily skin, big pores, or inflammation. The serum helps to minimize pores and shine by reducing and regulating sebum production. You'll also have a more even skin tone and a blemish-free, clear complexion. Niacinamide improves the skin texture by making pores appear smaller and strengthening the skin barrier (the outer layer of the skin). It also helps with oil production management and is suitable for all skin types.

How to Use Niacinamide the Ordinary?

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% can be used morning and evening after cleansing but before using oils or moisturizers. The Ordinary advises against using any vitamin C supplements at the same time as this one. If you want to include vitamin C in your beauty routine, skip the Niacinamide in the morning and use vitamin C instead, then switch back to Niacinamide in the evening.

Why Ordinary is the Best?


The Ordinary's best feature, which draws a lot of people in, is how transparent they are with their products. By prioritizing the contents of the jar over the packaging and branding, the products are incredibly transparent about their components and the unique powers they contain.

For example, you will know precisely how much retinol you use with The Ordinary because the bottle will say 0.5 percent or 1 percent. In contrast, other skincare products might list retinol in the ingredients without specifying the strength. The ordinal could indicate that the product has very little retinol and hence does little for your skin or that the strength is excessively high and causes discomfort.


The Ordinary is one of the economical skincare brands in the market, emphasizing the importance of the substance over the packaging. The prices of their items are usually affordable for everyone. However, this is usually for a single-ingredient product, such as a bottle of salicylic acid or hyaluronic acid. If you wish to employ numerous compounds in your skincare, there may be other options available. In comparison to most skincare brands, The Ordinary is still very affordable.

Other Ordinary products at Cozmetica

Oils, hydrators, cleansers, hair care, Retinols, Retinoid, and Vitamin C are available in the ordinary product range. Following are some of the best products from the ordinary:

  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2 percent + B5 is the most outstanding product for deep hydrating. This solution's hyaluronic acid will penetrate deep into your skin, while Vitamin B5 will moisturize it.
  • Ordinary concealers are one of the best concealers that may be used without makeup for an extended amount of time. 
  • The ordinary caffeine solution is a light-textured serum that lowers the appearance of hyperpigmentation and bloating around the eyes.
  • The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is rich in skin-loving components that moisturize, hydrate, and heal skin for immediate relief and long-term benefits.
  • The ordinary retinol is a very stable, water-free anti-aging solution, whilst the high-strength anti-aging solution includes 1% pure retinol. 

Ordinary cosmetics products are gaining traction because of their purity, excellent efficiency, and lack of chemical ingredients and fragrances. Ordinary items are well-known for their high quality and low cost. Cozmetica is an online store that sells Pakistani cosmetics. They are one of Pakistan's most popular online makeup businesses due to their exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and comprehensive product selection.

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