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How to Apply Contour: Tips for Beginners.

How to Apply Contour: Tips for Beginners.

Contouring is a face-sculpting technique that involves using makeup that is slightly darker or lighter than your natural skin tone to sculpt and add dimension to your face. If you google search buy Nyx cosmetics online Pakistan, a list of cosmetics will pop up from where you can easily choose the best contour for you according to your skin tone and undertone. Beauty enthusiasts all over the world have been raving about highlighting and contouring. The contouring technique was known but it wasn't widely known until celebrities began to share their beauty techniques on social media. Contour uses light and shade to draw attention to facial features and provide the appearance of a sculpted face. Contour can be applied as a cream or as a powder. The cream is frequently used to achieve more pronounced distinct features, whilst powder is more frequently utilized daily. To match the natural tones of a shadow, the undertones should be cool. When using warm tones, like bronzer, the result might be artificial and muddy. Contouring is all about creating the effect of shadow and light, as opposed to everyday foundation and concealer, which we typically want to match our skin exactly. Because the goal is to intensify the natural lines of the face, a shimmery contour will make them appear higher. It shows the slope and size of various landforms on a face. It gives a thorough and accurate picture of the face. It is simple to separate the different elevations of the terrain by reading the contour interval. 

Tools Used for Contouring

The number of products available has increased since the contour craze peaked. 

Contouring Product

You can use a powder or a cream depending on how heavy your makeup is. Cream contouring gives the appearance of a fuller face and improves skin covering. You may also put powder contour over the top to intensify the effect even further. Sticks are convenient and quick to apply because they allow you to sketch the contour directly onto the face rather than using a brush. A palette of powder contour is also available. Mini palettes with one or two hues are available for purchase. Larger palettes feature a wider range of tones, allowing you to customize the contour for individual clientele. 


The best brush for mapping out cream contour lines on the face is a flat angled brush. To blend them out, use a sponge or a stippling brush. Applying powder with a fluffy angled brush is the most effective way to hit all of the angles of the face and effectively smooth it out. Baking with a sponge and translucent powder will help to emphasize the face's highlights. To further carve out the contour lines, loose powder is placed under the eyes and cheeks. The powder is swept away with a fluffy brush once it has set, leaving the skin mattified.

How to Contour

Contouring isn't as frightening as it may appear on social media or in tutorials. Below is the right way to contour your face.

Determine the Shape of Face

When it comes to highlighting and contouring, the first and most significant step is determining your face shape. The positioning of the highlight and contour is slightly varied for each face shape. Contouring should only be considered after a foundation base has been placed. A wet foundation base is used to apply and mix a cream contour. Powder contour should only be used on a set base to make it simpler to blend and prevent it from becoming muddy. To achieve the finest results, the makeup must be tailored to the client's face shape. Oval, heart, round, and square are the most common facial shapes. For example, an oval face shape should focus on accentuating the cheekbones, whilst a round face should focus on improving the jawline. 


Contour the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline first, then highlight the under eyes, middle of the forehead, and chin. If you're not sure about the facial shape, stick to the broad guidelines and add more where you think it's needed. Drawing a ‘3' shape on either side of the face will target the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, and is a beginner-friendly form of cream contouring. To raise the facial features, the cheek contour should always be placed at an angle from the ears down to the lips. It's preferable if you can get as high as possible. The application of contour to the hairline's margin will make the forehead appear smaller. If you have a small face, contouring gently in this area is vital. Because the application technique is similar to that of bronzer, the powder is a little easier for beginners to work with. Simply dip your brush into the product and gradually build up the contour, blending it deep into the skin. You can use a smaller brush to draw a more dramatic line at the lowest part of the cheekbone for further definition. Finding the best contouring kit is difficult, you need to find out your face shape and skin color. After that search for buy Nyx cosmetics online in Pakistanthe NYX Conceal Correct & Contour Palette is one of the best contouring kits. With six hues in each set, you can quickly conceal problem areas, even out blemishes, and enhance your greatest features. Use these mixable colors alone or in combination to achieve the perfect tone.


This is the simplest and most crucial step! All of the hard lines you made in the previous step should be blended out. Contouring should appear as natural and unforced as feasible. To blend, you can use a brush or a sponge a beauty blender sponge. When you've finished mixing, use a translucent powder to "set" your makeup so it doesn't come off easily. This is only applicable if you contour with cream or foundation. You don't need to use an additional layer of translucent powder if you contour with powder. 

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